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Address: Diplomvej 376, 2800 Kongens Lyngby, Denmark

Email: cpc@pfmp.com

Phone Number: +45 5370 3271

Introduction: CPC is specialized in defining Modular Product Architectures and implementing them using CPQ and PLM systems.

Modular Product Architectures can help your company managing product complexity and at the same time ensuring that you are offering the right variety to the market. CPQ and PLM systems make it possible to implement Modular Product Architectures successfully and harvest the benefits of reduced complexity. But how do you go from high-level strategy to concrete results?

At CPC, we offer proven methods and powerful tools to lead a pain-free process. Our consultants have the necessary experience in change management and governance design that will help ensure sustainable implementation within your organization. We have spent years acquiring the skills, experience, and know-how needed to materialize the effects in your organization. Through more than 350 industrial projects, we have learned what works and what doesn’t.

At CPC, we have solid experience working with Tacton CPQ and a successful track record of increasing our clients’ benefit from utilizing their CPQ systems. When combining Tacton CPQ with powerful Modular Product Architectures we help our clients achieve the best from both worlds.

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