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Address: DLP Engineers GmbH, Richard-Wagner-Straße 28, 30177 Hannover, Germany

Email: info@dlp-engineers.de

Phone Number: +49 (0) 511 982 492 - 10

Link: https://www.dlp-engineers.de/de/

DLP Engineers

DLP (Dr. Lechner & Partner) Engineers GmbH was founded in 2007 in Hannover as a technical management consultancy. The DLP team consists of experienced engineers, IT specialists and product designers. Within our projects we focus on product structures and configurations, speeding up, in particular, sales and engineering processes and the appropriate use and integration of IT systems. The aim of our projects is permanent improvements to the competitiveness of our clients. The industry sectors forming the focal point of our work are apparatus and component engineering, machinery and plant engineering, the automotive industry and automotive suppliers. Within these industry sectors we have realized more than 80 projects sucessfully. Our services cover everything from the analysis and concept phases to technical organisational services to the practical implementation on IT systems.