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Address: i-Mark Place 2nd Floor, 4-4-5, Minatomirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa

Introduction: EXA Corporation is an IT services company and a Joint Venture of IBM Japan and JFE Steel. EXA sells and implements Tacton's CPQ solutions in Japan and across the Asia Pacific region.

Link: http://www.exa-corp.co.jp/solutions/manufacturing/tacton.html

Exa Corporation

EXA Corporation began working with Tacton configuration projects in 2013, having already built up considerable expertise in the product configuration arena. EXA Corporation has a strong track record with many projects in the industrial sector and a particular niche in assemble-to-order manufacturing. Our engineers and specialists are highly skilled and have considerable Tacton know-how as well as expertise in product modelling.

Key customers include RYOBI MHI Graphic Technology. You can read about their Tacton project here.

Learn more about EXA Corporation’s Tacton expertise here.