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Address: Stationsplein 121, 3818 LE Amersfoort, The Netherlands

Phone Number: +31 33 4555022

Link: https://pre-sustainability.com/


PRé Sustainability helps companies turn sustainability strategy into action through fact-based

PRé Sustainability helps companies turn sustainability strategy into action, through fact-based consulting services, training and software solutions based on life cycle thinking. Organizations reach out to PRé to measure, improve and communicate their sustainability performance. PRé’s flagship product is SimaPro: life cycle assessment (LCA) software. SimaPro gives sustainability experts, product designers and decision-makers the power to gain insight into the environmental performance of products and services, to define hotspots and to drive positive change. For over 30 years, SimaPro has been among the leading professional LCA software packages – used by industries, consultancies, and research institutes in more than 80 countries.

Tacton and PRé has partnered in the development of Tacton CPQ Environmental Footprint Configuration. This is a groundbreaking addition to Tacton CPQ, empowering the manufacturing industry to automate and scale the climate impact calculations (LCA) of highly configurable products. These calculations can help create carbon transparency to end customers, employees, legislators, and investors.