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2012-02-28: Meyn Food Process Technology uses Tacton Configurator CPQ for Salesforce Worldwide

Stockholm, Sweden – February 28, 2012- Meyn Food Process Technology uses Tacton Configurator CPQ for Salesforce worldwide.

Meyn Food Processing Technology uses Tacton Configurator CPQ, a solution recently introduced on the Salesforce AppExchange. They enjoy an average timesaving of more than 60% on each quotation.

Meyn’s implementation of Tacton Configurator integrated with the online CRM system Salesforce.com enables Meyn to generate quotations and BOMs that are instantly available in Salesforce CRM leading to large reductions in the quote generation lead time and large increases in quote quality.

“When evaluating other sales configurator solutions, Tacton clearly stood out as the best solution for our company. We felt that they supported and understood the complexity of our products”, says Jan Ras, Manager Sales Support, Meyn.

Today, Tacton Configurator CPQ is used worldwide by more than 40 Meyn sales representatives. The results attained are even better than anticipated. The lead time to create a quote decreased by more than 60% and the number of questions needed for the complete quote decreased by more than 85%.

”We could never imagine that the time saving for each quote would be as tremendous as it is. Since we started using Tacton’s solution we have also seen that the accuracy of our quotes has increased considerably”, says Sicco Saft, Business Analyst, Meyn.

The next phase for this project is to improve price management in Tacton Configurator CPQ and also add more details to the product models. This is something that will make the quotes and configurations even more accurate.

“It feels very good to have Meyn successfully up and running on our Salesforce.com integration,” says Christer Wallberg, CEO Tacton Systems, “We are looking forward to continuing this journey together with Meyn, helping them to save even more time and continue increasing profits. The results they have seen so far are just the beginning”.


For more information contact:

Jan Ras, Manager Sales Support, Meyn
Telephone: +31 (0) 75 684 3355
E-mail: jras@meyn.net

Christer Wallberg, CEO, Tacton Systems AB
Telephone: +46 (0) 8 690 07 50
Cell: +46 (0) 730 32 49 70


About Meyn

Meyn Food Processing Technology B.V. is the reliable and committed partner of renowned poultry processing companies in over 90 countries worldwide. Meyn is widely recognized for its ability to support its customers in their ambition for higher capacity and increased yield and efficiency. Meyn’s equipment has demonstrated the ability to maintain a high-level of performance under a wide variety of line speeds and bird sizes, allowing its customers to achieve top-level productivity with an absolute minimum of labor. Meyn always focuses on their customers’ ambition to create end-products of the desired quality, while realizing the best financial results.For more information: http://www.meyn.com

About Tacton Systems

Tacton Systems is the world leader in advanced configuration. Tacton develops and sells embeddable software for sales and design configuration. This software simplifies the sale of customized, complex products offline as well as online. Tacton’s solutions integrate easily with surrounding systems and have standard integrations for many leading e-commerce, ERP, CRM, PDM, PLM, and CAD systems. Customers currently using Tacton’s solutions include GE Healthcare, Siemens, ABB, Scania, Toshiba, Aker, and Alfa Laval.
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Author: Cristian Franzén