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Hermes Export Prize

STOCKHOLM, August 28th, 2014 — Tacton Systems today receives the Hermes Export Prize for contributing to develop and strengthen Swedish export. The price will be delivered by H.M. Crown Princess Victoria Bernadotte.

Since 1981, the Hermes Export Price has been distributed to Swedish companies who have presented a growing export performance. The criteria is to export products and services made in Sweden, to a variety of international markets and also demonstrate a positive economic development.

“We’re of course very humble and proud to be receiving this award. This award recognizes our export strategy which has been a key component for our success and continuous export growth”, says Christer Wallberg, CEO of Tacton Systems.

Tacton is a global leader in advanced sales and product configuration through guided selling and configure price quote (CPQ). With patented technologies, Tacton Systems strives to design, configure and sell complex products online – for clients all over the world.

“For a company like us, with a clear focus on complex configuration and guided selling solutions, we can’t afford to just look at our local market. We strive to look everywhere where our products are needed”, says Christer Wallberg.

Besides the honor, the prize consists of a bronze statuette by the renowned Swedish artist Thomas Qvarsebo.

For more information about the Hermes Export Price, please visit: www.exportutveckling.se/om-export-hermes

For interviews or comments, please contact Christer Wallberg, CEO of Tacton Systems at
+46 730 32 49 70.

Author: Tacton