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Tacton Launches Groundbreaking Self-Service Capabilities to Help Manufacturers Empower Customers Across the Buying Journey

New Features Create a B2C Experience for B2B Manufacturing Products to Enhance Real-Time Collaboration and Improve the Buying Experience

CHICAGO and STOCKHOLM, Sweden, Sept. 15, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Tacton, a global leader in Smart Commerce solutions for manufacturers with CPQ, today announced the launch of new self-serve capabilities that allow manufacturers to enable their customers to visualize, configure and purchase B2B manufacturing products with ease. The new capabilities empower end customers by improving the real-time collaboration process, thus shortening the sales cycle.

One of the biggest challenges of B2B manufacturing buying and selling is the amount of back-and-forth collaboration that needs to take place between manufacturers and their customers. This challenge has been exacerbated by the global pandemic, which has left companies short-staffed and forced more interactions online, accelerating the need for a B2C experience in B2B manufacturing. Customers need to be able to do more through self-service channels. Tacton’s new capabilities help overcome this challenge by putting the power in the hands of end customers so they can visualize and customize products on the devices and platforms they prefer, all but eliminating the need for meetings and phone calls with sales reps.

“Tacton already has the most advanced configuration and visualization on the market, allowing manufacturers to quickly customize and visualize advanced products for their customers. These new capabilities take it a step further and put that power in the hands of the end customer so they can remain engaged throughout their entire buying journey,” said Nils Olsson, Chief Evangelist Officer at Tacton. “This shortens the cycle time from product concept to completed product, and significantly decreases the cost of getting a correct quote to the customer.”

Customer Self-Service Adds Value
The Gartner “New B2B Buying Journey & its Implication for Sales” special report says, “suppliers must enable buyers to complete buying jobs. To win in this B2B buying environment, suppliers should focus on providing customers with information that is specifically designed to help them complete their buying jobs. We call this ‘buyer enablement’ — the provisioning of information to customers in a way that enables them to complete critical buying jobs.” Further, “As hard as it has become to sell in today’s world, it has become that much more difficult to buy. The single biggest challenge of selling today is not selling, it is actually our customers’ struggle to buy.”*

Tacton’s Customer Self-Service functionality is designed specifically for B2B manufacturers and allows for account-based pricing, product portfolio browsing, contracted pricing and personalized offers. Advanced constraint-based online product configuration enables customers to create draft proposals on the same day a new product offer is launched.

Customer benefits include:

  • Accelerated sales velocity that lets customers create their own quotes to shorten the quote process.
  • Improved operational efficiencies that empower customers and sales teams to work together.
  • An enhanced customer experience that enables customers to serve their own specific needs.
  • Unmatched value by giving customers the self-service capabilities they want. Tacton customers on average see a 34% increase in efficiency and a 30% increase in sales volume, leading to a 20% increase in net profit.

“For Husky’s digital transformation it’s key to use ‘best of breed solutions’ that span across all businesses,” said Steffen Bönecke, Director of Global Engineering and Operation Transformation at Husky. “Tacton is a key element in Husky’s sales process.”

Needs-based guided selling configuration and visualization now make it possible for customers to configure manufacturers’ complex product on their own, even without any deep technical knowledge. The visual configurator helps buyers customize products with just a few simple clicks, making for a consumer-grade experience.

In a Sept. 17 webinar, Tacton will demonstrate how personalized customer experiences, product configuration, real-time 3D visualization and proposal collaboration create a frictionless buying experience while increasing sales efficiency. Register for the webinar at https://www2.tacton.com/webinar-empower-your-customer-us

*Gartner “New B2B Buying Journey & its Implication for Sales,” 2020. https://www.gartner.com/en/sales/insights/b2b-buying-journey

About Tacton
Tacton enables Smart Commerce for manufacturers by empowering organizations to extend beyond traditional commerce. Tacton Smart Commerce ensures manufacturers always offer optimal solutions to their customers throughout the entire B2B buyer journey. Our industry expertise and leading technology enable a seamless customer experience. Tacton provides solutions to our global customers such as ABB, Bosch, Caterpillar, Daimler, MAN, Mitsubishi, Siemens, Toshiba and Yaskawa. Tacton is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois and Stockholm, Sweden, with regional offices in Karlsruhe, Germany; Warsaw, Poland; and Tokyo, Japan.


Author: Michael Brassea