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Tacton Revolutionizes B2B Sales with Launch of Visual Configuration with Augmented Reality

STOCKHOLM, September 20, 2018 — Tacton announces today the launch of Tacton Visual Configuration, an intuitive tool that extends the capabilities of Tacton’s powerful CPQ software with drag-and-drop 3D Visualization and Augmented Reality (AR). The tool enables manufacturers to offer a faster, more personalized configuration process—where even the most complex of products become easier to visualize and understand.

Tacton Visual Configuration is fully integrated with Tacton’s advanced CPQ software, and helps accelerate the entire product configuration process through visual supported communication between vendor and buyer. Featuring 3D visualization, AR technology, and an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, the tool enables real-time visual insights and quicker customer feedback for every design decision. This speeds up the configuration process significantly and helps ensure that the end result is correctly aligned with the customer’s needs.


Boost Sales with Visual Configuration

The new 3D visual configuration tool is a huge asset for sales teams, who can now let customers experience a whole portfolio of products in a more attractive and intuitive format—no matter how complex the configuration. The benefits are many, including shorter lead times, faster sales, and a stronger brand identity.


Complex products are easier to understand when presented visually. Tacton’s Visual Configuration with 3D visualization and AR spatial configuration makes it possible for sales teams to guarantee the spatial fit. Working alongside customers in real-time allows for a quicker and more personalized design process.


Selling products with complex variants becomes dramatically easier and faster with Tacton Visual Configuration,” says Marco Lang, Product Manager at Tacton Systems. “Visual Configuration and AR enhance the entire sales cycle by using the simple ‘What you see is what you get’ principle.


Perfect Final Product Dimensions with Augmented Reality

Further enhancing the configuration process is the Tacton CPQ AR iOS app. The app lets customers visualize product configurations within their real-world environment with help from augmented reality. This final step ensures that the product dimensions and planned positioning are as accurate and advantageous as possible.


Now companies can truly offer the best product to every customer,” says Nils Olsson, Chief Portfolio Officer at Tacton Systems. “With Tacton Visual Configuration, customers can see exactly what they are buying. This means reduced quoting errors, and better, faster communication between engineers, sales teams, and customers.”


Main Features

  • Visual product configuration with 3D drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Interact direct through the product visualization with the configurator
  • Full 3D interactivity (rotate/zoom/pan) in real-time, without delay.
  • Ability to visually validate geometrical constraints in real-time.
  • iOS app to visualize the configuration within the actual environment using Augmented Reality.
  • Visual logic is built on top of the existing configuration logic without duplication.
  • Fully supported by various software products and standards



Nils Olsson, Chief Portfolio Officer, Tacton Systems

Email: nils.olsson@tacton.com

Tel: +46733908127


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