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Tacton Systems launches new enhanced integration to SAP

Stockholm, Sweden – June 22, 2017 – Tacton Systems, a leading global supplier of configure-price-quote (CPQ), design automation and 3D visualization solutions, today announced the launch of a new enhanced version of Tacton solutions for SAP, providing product configuration and guided selling solutions dedicated to SAP ERP users.

SAP®, the world’s leading provider of business software solutions, helps hundreds of thousands of enterprise customers manufacture and deliver configurable products. Tacton for SAP is now available to leverage product data and configuration rules from SAP ERP and SAP Variant Configurator (VC) to deliver accurate, up-to-date pricing, bundling and product configuration information to sales teams, partners and end customers.

Tacton’s configuration solutions for SAP enable users to configure complex products quickly and accurately using up‑to‑date, authoritative master and transaction data from SAP ERP. Tacton makes SAP data easily available for sales configurations and automatically synchronizes the configuration results with quotes and orders in SAP. This way, companies can rest assured that their sales teams quote products that are actually buildable and optimally priced and sold.

Users can import master data on customers, contacts, currencies and exchange rates, as well as a correct product catalog with valid price lists, from SAP ERP to the CPQ system, and export sales quotes and orders back to SAP. They can thus make sure that products in a sales quote that were configured using the CPQ tool agree with the business rules and product information from the ERP software.

“We’re thrilled to be able to provide sales and product configuration solutions that create value for SAP’s huge enterprise user base,” says Frederic Laziou, CEO of Tacton Systems. “These days, the demand for customization and a compelling user experience is growing for sophisticated, highly configurable products. Sales reps face more pressure to produce winning quotes faster and more profitably. So, uniting back-office with front-office processes is more crucial than ever. With Tacton’s solutions for SAP, sales teams get up-to-date information on manufacturing capacity, available-to-promise dates, and other critical data from the ERP system so they can quote with total accuracy while offering customers an interactive, personalized user experience. Quotes can flow seamlessly in the quote-to-cash process to speed production, sales, invoicing and accounting of an order.”


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Frederic Laziou, CEO Tacton Systems AB
Phone: +46 709 56 43 12
Email: frederic.laziou@tacton.com

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