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TactonWorks 4.4.4 released!

We are happy to announce the release of TactonWorks 4.4.4!

The main theme for this release has primarily been to greatly improve and simplify design automation of 2D drawings. Feedback shows setup and maintenance of the 2D drawing part of a typical design automation project decreases by up to 75% compared to previous versions.

Some of the highlights for this release are:

  • All new capturing and testing tools for 2D drawing parameter mappings
  • All new and improved ways to position all kinds of 2D drawing parameters
  • All new and improved ways to calculate and optimize the size of 2D drawing views
  • Improved ways to update notes, macros, referenced configurations and blocks in 2D drawings
  • Reduced update time and improved stability of the 2D drawing parameter update
  • Ability to update 3D component color and material

We are also proud to announce that the 4.4.4 release features floating licenses for TactonWorks Engineer as well as general license control for all TactonWorks products, utilizing Flexera Software. Please contact your TactonWorks reseller for activation codes.

Please consult the release notes documentation for more specific information about what is new and improved in this release, and do not hesitate to contact Tacton customer support if you have any further questions.
We would, as usual, like to take this opportunity to thank all partners and customers who contributed in improving the product by reporting great enhancement suggestions and for trying out the beta versions and release candidates.

Author: Cristian Franzén