Configure Price Quote (CPQ)

Our CPQ solution sets a new standard for sales productivity and industrial excellence in manufacturing

  • Drives revenue growth and profitability by making it simpler and faster to sell complex products
  • Increases efficiency by automating the quotation process and eliminating order errors
  • Supports smart manufacturing by enabling new levels of connectedness, flexibility, speed and insight

Helps your team sell the right product - every time

Tacton's CPQ solution helps your sales team to position the offering that has the best chance of winning the deal.

Needs-based guided selling captures the requirements that matter to your customer, while dynamic 3D visualization supports the buying decision.

Read more about needs-based configuration and selling.

Connects sales and manufacturing - eliminating order errors

Because Tacton's CPQ solution validates the complete solution space after each selection, the proposed solution is always 100% correct, down to the bill-of-material (BOM) level. This connects sales and manufacturing in an entirely new way, ensuring that they always stay in sync and removing error-prone information handovers.

A dramatically faster quotation process

Accurate, high-quality proposals with supporting documentation are generated automatically. This speeds up the quotation process significantly, keeping you one step ahead of the competition.

Read more about generating sales quotes.



CPQ Solution Capabilities

Powerful constraint-based configuration engine, built to handle the most challenging configuration environments

  • Constraint-based configuration means dramatically fewer rules
  • Always presents the solution that best meets the customers’ needs
  • Highly scalable – the stateless configuration engine handles complex models and high user loads with ease and speed
  • All variables simultaneously considered. Ensures valid, error-free configuration – every time
  • Automatic error resolution and no dead-ends

Supports the most advanced pricing models

  • Manages multiple price lists and currencies
  • Automatically applies country-specific freight, taxes, duties, etc.
  • Built-in commercial and technical approval workflows
  • Tools for collaborative quoting

Accurate, high-quality proposals with supporting documentation generated automatically

  • Instantly generates branded proposals and supporting documents – product sheets, user manuals, BOMs, spare parts lists
  • Documents in Word, Excel or PDF formats
  • Supports country- and role-specific proposals

Sell across markets and borders

  • Manages product variations based on local commercial, technical and regulatory requirements
  • Supports direct partner, dealer and reseller channels
  • Customer self-service portal

Easy integration with robust APIs

  • CRM (including Salesforce®, SAP CRM and Microsoft Dynamics)
  • ERP (including SAP ECC, Microsoft Dynamics and Oracle)
  • PLM (including Siemens PLM, Enovia PLM and PTC Windchill)

Connect to CAD to generate 3D CAD models and drawings

  • Autodesk® Inventor®
  • PTC Creo®

Intuitive and easy-to-use tools

  • No programming or IT expertise needed
  • Product data is maintained separately from configuration rules, making it fast and easy to introduce and update products
  • Customer support by Tacton’s knowledgeable consultants
  • Access to Knowledge Base online support

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CPQ Products

Tacton Extension for Salesforce CPQ

Extends Salesforce CPQ with powerful services so that your sales team can configure products and produce high-quality sales quotes including documentation, 3D drawings, pricing and BOMs – all from within the familiar Salesforce environment.

Tacton CPQ

Tacton CPQ enables your sales channels to quote more accurately, close deals faster, and speed time to delivery. No matter how complex your products or business.

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