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Developing a Customer-Centric Digital Strategy with nVent and Tacton

Lessons on business benefits, productivity, developing a customer-centric buying strategy and more from Leaders at nVent and Tacton

About nVent

nVent is a global leader in enclosures, electric heat-tracing solutions, complete heat management systems and electrical and fastening solutions. nVent products connect and protect customers’ systems in facilities where the cost of failure is very high. nVent helps customers enhance productivity and reduce their cost of ownership by simplifying installation and minimizing downtime during operation. Looking to develop a customer-centric digital strategy was an important factor in choosing new solutions.

The Challenge 

As a truly global company with over 80 locations, and 9,000 employees, nVent was searching for tools that would enable its distribution partners and manufacturing reps to quickly sell their products from anywhere. nVent suffered from long response times to RFQs, had significant high training costs and errors in hand over to their supply partners. Working with global product models posed a difficult challenge for phasing out products. These challenges lead nVent to a search for a solution that would offer customers a convincing digital experience while also streamline the quote and sales processes of their products.

The Solution

The search lead nVent to CPQ and Guided Selling software from Tacton. Using CPQ, nVent was able to support growth while also increasing productivity by creating centralized product models for global governance. Enable instant pricing so customers and sales were able to see a faster response time from the pricing team. Increase productivity by avoiding human error and rework. Reduce cost by moving to cloud-based tools with lower IT costs.

How has Guided Selling and CPQ helped nVent?

“We have chosen to work with global product models, but we can actually switch things on or off. So we can really recognize our global product models. Because we control the product model globally we control what products we put on high priority. Guided Selling is key. We’re using a product constraint to make sure the selections are actually feasible. So, if you’re really good at guided selling, and you’re really good at managing your product constraints your whole organization will become experts. We also have really good pricing automation with faster times, and fewer manual interventions” – Alexander van der Weide, VP of Marketing for Electrical Enclosures, nVent

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Author: Michael Brassea