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Don’t turn your engineers into assembly line workers


Meet Rasheed – a design engineer working at a company manufacturing conveyor belts. Rasheed is a highly skilled mechanical engineer with over 10 years of experience, a good paycheck, and he is also a very appreciated employee at his company. Rasheed is currently, however, very bored of his work and he is considering to work somewhere else. Every week Rasheed is designing the same type of conveyor belt over and over again. The orders of conveyor belts he receives are always similar, but never exactly the same as any previous product. The design process cannot be standardized or automated in the current process, so he always needs to re-design everything based on a standard conveyor belt. It is time consuming, and boring, work.


With the skill and knowledge Rasheed possess he could potentially be doing much more qualified work. However, the tedious process of creating every product from scratch consumes all that time and other resources. Rasheed feels like he is working at a modern day assembly line, with the exception that he actually has a degree! Even if we ignore what Rasheed thinks of his current work situation, it is an obvious waste of resources such as time, money and brain power.


Design Automation is the solution to these kind of problems. It standardizes and automates the tiresome parts of the design process and moves the design engineer higher up the creativity ladder. As such, it acts as a design engineer itself – so instead of Rasheed having to update the dimensions of yet another conveyor belt he could be spending his time working on the next generation of products or perhaps fixing that motor that has been left under dimensioned for far too long! The latter is the type of work that would increase sales and profits and reduce costs for the company on a long-term basis. This is work that would directly affect the growth of the business and the bottom line profit. Design Automation will reduce cost for your business because it helps reducing common costly mistakes and errors. The automated process assures an even quality of the work performed, no matter how skilled, experienced, or attentive the engineer is, so it will reduce the claims costs as well.


For Rasheed personally, this would also mean a positive challenge in his everyday work. With a more challenging job he will increase his learning, get more efficient, and be happier with his work. In fact, the work an automated design process frees up for the engineers are most likely going to be the work the engineers, like Rasheed, hate spending the most – the repetitive and least challenging parts. Just like machines revolutionized the manufacturing industry by automating manual labor, design automation will revolutionize your design process by freeing up time for your design engineers and make them reach their full potential. Your business will be more cost efficient, more innovative and you will be able to keep appreciated employees like Rasheed in your company.

Author: tacton_webdevadmin