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Improve Your Operations with Cloud CPQ Software

Has your business been considering incorporating cloud-based CPQ software? Now more than ever the cloud is a realistic option that can combine powerful collaboration with flexibility and mobility. Cloud-based collaboration can offer much more that can help future-proof a business. Cloud collaboration has been used internally for years now, but it has evolved to further connect merchants and customers. With these connections, both merchants and customers can go a long way to work faster and collaborate in real-time. 

How can cloud-based CPQ software digitally transform your operations?

  • Work anytime anywhere– Having a cloud-based solution will allow employees to work quickly from their desktop, laptop or even their cellphone when they are out in the field. Being able to work from the cloud anywhere can help show clients the newest updates to items with little to no delay.
  • Smooth and efficient collaboration– With team members working from all over it is important to keep everyone aligned on business goals. Having the right cloud-based solution will allow for smooth and consistent communication to reach these goals. Even when changes are needed on items like business proposals it can be done quickly and in real-time with of customers.  
  • Set up activity feed– Enabling this feature enhances your customer experience by alerting them to any new activity in their project while providing the seller insights on what content has been interacted with and by who.  
  • Scale for your business– The cloud helps you choose plug-ins and applications that are right for your business. With this flexibility, it is easy to help your business in growth periods as well as slower periods throughout the year.  
  • Shorten the approval process– With so much back and forth between employees and managers over small details in things such as a sales pitch can slow approving items to a grinding halt. Within the cloud both manager, employee and even potential client can track the changes in real-time and get keep the process moving quickly.  
  • Security– Having outdated web security practices can lead to phishing attempts as well as hacking. Even having paper-based information from sales totals to employee’s personal information can lead to security breaches. These fears can easily be eliminated with a good cloud-based system that offers security measures against any possible attack.

Incorporating cloud-based CPQ software solutions not only future-proofs your business while also keeping employees connected to the latest updates and communications, but also keeps the customer happy and engaged. Discover how Bürkert used cloud-based collaboration to be more efficient and improve customer experience.


Author: tacton_webdevadmin