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Make Product Customization Simple with Visual Configuration

Buyers are more demanding than ever before, they want their products fast, correct and customized at the drop of a hat. For most businesses, they’ve found a way to provide a custom version of their productsShoe giant Nike lets you configure your personalized shoes in minutes, exclusive to each buyer.  

Product customization has taken off in the past decade for nearly every industry, but manufacturing has lagged. This can all change when your business tries out visual configuration for product customization. Enabling your customers to interact with their custom products can go a long way in closing the deal. Manufacturers who take advantage by giving the customer custom products can take their business to the next level and stand out in a crowded field.  

A simple definition of product customization   

Simply put, product customization is making is customizing a product for a unique buyer. We’ll use a truck to paint a picture for you. Say you need a refrigerated truck; you need certain items exclusive to that type of truck. You wouldn’t need truck parts that belong to a concrete mixer.  

Are there drawbacks with manufacturing product customization?  

The more custom the product, the more likely your sales and engineering teams can encounter problems. These errors often frustrate your customer, leaving them no options such as going to your competition. 

How can these drawbacks be eliminated with visualization?   

Every one of your customers is different, so making their experience as custom as you can go a long way to impress them. For example, product customization allows you to go that extra mile by customizing the smallest detail of their product with visualization.  

Your customer can personalize any detail, from color, design and add-on features with 100% accuracyFrom the tires on heavy vehicles to switches on MedTech devices it’s important to get these details right and show customers how it’ll work. This will help your sales team sell faster by having customers create their products and feel a personal attachment.   

Imagine going where your competition can’t go by making a product that fits the exact dimensions, colors and features your customer is asking for and enabling them to build it themselves 

In addition to your sales team increasing profit by upselling products through visualization, your customer journey can continue even without your sales team in the room. With customer self-service, it’s easier than ever for your buyer to configure their product on their own time.   

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Author: Michael Brassea