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Tacton is awarded as one of Sweden’s “Superföretag”

Not that we want to brag, but Tacton has been awarded as one of Sweden’s “Super Companies”. Or actually, who are we trying to fool? Of course we want to brag about it!

The awardThe Super companies (Superföretagen), is a cooperation between Bisnode and the Swedish business publication Veckans Affärer. All companies named Super companies are part of the Super list.

The award is award is awarded to approximately 0.5 % of Sweden’s companies each year and

Every fifth job in Sweden is created by one of the Super Companies

On Superföretagen’s website one can read that the companies that are awarded Superföretag play a key role when it comes to creating more jobs in the Swedish job market. Since 2005 the awarded companies have created 19% of all new jobs within the private job sector in Sweden.

Award criteria

The criteria to become a Super company is based on a model created by Bisnode. The model measures the economic quality and shows the company’s financial ability. Parameters used are:

  • Growth
  • Profit
  • Revenue
  • Effectivity
  • Capital structure and financing.

Each company’s financial ability is compared to reference values based on other companies with similar size and in the same market segment.

A word from Tacton’s CEO

”We are very happy for this award. This is great proof that the work we put in really pays off and that we are on track to reach our goals. We are very proud and will make sure to keep earning this award going forward.” Christer Wallberg.

More information on the award and the entire list of recipients can be found here >> (in Swedish)


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Author: tacton_webdevadmin