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The Manufacturers’ Guide to Remote CPQ Solutions

Organizations before the COVID-19 pandemic had to constantly evolve themselves to stay ahead of the curve of increasingly custom demands for highly configurable products. The current situation is going to change how everyone works for at least the foreseeable future. Coping with these changes won’t be easy, but manufacturers who search for innovative solutions can get ahead and stay ahead of every competitor using remote CPQ solutions.

Where to start?

Today’s modern B2B customer has increasingly sophisticated expectations and behaviors when purchasing new products. For industrial manufacturers, this means they need new, smart ways to sell their products and solutions. For most, what technology is available in-house is a crucial success factor and can make or break their deals.

Manufacturers of highly configurable products have long relied on in-person meetings to sell their products, but even before the pandemic created a new manufacturing challenge, customers began looking for companies that could offer an online B2B experience. Without face-to-face meetings, it can be difficult to imagine how to sell high variant products but that can change using CPQ. With so much uncertainty in the coming months, it may seem foolish to start looking for innovative solutions, but right now is the time to invest in future-proof remote CPQ solutions.

Be everywhere with remote CPQ solutions

Customers were interacting less with your sales team before and now are moving towards an increasingly online buying journey. New digital transformation strategies must put customer engagement at the forefront whether online direct sales or through partner channels. While new for many manufacturers, an omnichannel manufacturing experience is necessary for engaging with customers across the channels they choose. A true omnichannel experience goes beyond face-to-face interactions with your sales team and extends your reach with customer self-service for configurable products. Centralizing the customer experience within CPQ is a great way to keep customers coming back for more with an easy and dynamic buying and selling process.

Manufacturers who extend their reach across any channel to showcase their products will be able to separate themselves from every competitor by giving customers the chance to build their products anywhere, anytime with 100% accuracy.

Visualize the Sale

Modern technologies for visualization and visual configuration are ideal to meet the increasing digital requirements and expectations of customers.

What is visual product configuration?

Visual product configuration is the combined use of digital technologies in order to be able to configure products directly in a three-dimensional visual representation. Customers can build their own products and understand how configuration choices impact the final product. Enabling customers with remote CPQ visual configuration solutions also reduces costly miscommunications by showing every detail, even the smallest bolt on a product. Without in-person meetings, companies who use augmented reality apps can visualize your product in their own space.

How can visual product configuration help my demo?

Adding visualization to your online demos can make a huge difference in how you show your products to customers. With that being said they can even join in on the fun using QR codes and the Tacton AR app. Increasing customer engagement even if it’s from afar goes a long way in being innovative. Customers don’t want a boring demo based heavily on text-based product descriptions, they want to see your products, so give them what they want with visualization.

How can remote CPQ keep my team connected?

Finding tools that make collaborating easier for your employees makes their lives easier, so why wouldn’t you find one helps engineers and your sales team? Cloud-based CPQ can offer much more that can help future-proof a business. Cloud-based CPQ has been used internally for years now, but it has evolved to further connect your internal teams and customers. With team members working from all over it is important to keep everyone aligned on customer needs. Having the right cloud-based CPQ solution will allow for smooth and consistent communication to reach these goals. Even when changes are reflected in real-time for customers and your team to see.

Connect every process

From CRM (Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics) to ERP (SAP VC & ECC) to even eCommerce, CPQ integrations connect every business-critical solution you or your customer deploy.

Analyze the products

With razor-thin room for inefficient processes, CPQ analytics enables customers to dig deep into how their products are working. Learn what products are selling, and which are not. Removing unused products saves you time and money. Design specific configurations that are adapted to region, market and customer to accelerate your sales. All of these things can save time and money for your company by unlocking the wealth of data CPQ analytics offers.

Interested in learning more?

We’ve all had to adapt to the current situation, Tacton is no different, but with CPQ we’ve been able to help our customers adapt. This adaptation will enable them to maximize and optimize every solution throughout the length of the crisis. Every last cent counts, so making an innovative decision now by learning more about Tacton’s remote CPQ solution can make all the difference.

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Author: Michael Brassea