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Why Packaging Manufacturers Need Intelligent CPQ

The fourth industrial revolution, generally referred to as Industry 4.0 or Smart Manufacturing, is enabling manufacturers to reach new levels of excellence and connectivity between sales and production.


“It is the leap from digital back to physical—from connected, digital technologies to the creation of a physical object—that constitutes the essence of the Industry 4.0 concept”


Indeed, enabling connectivity is a real challenge for packaging manufacturers that struggle with efficient data management, increasing customer demands, and ensuring error-free and high-quality products.


But connectivity is at the core of the manufacturing industry’s digital transformation, and crucial to staying competitive.


So, how can manufacturers get started?


As a first step, I would recommend you read our Q&A piece with Tacton’s Chief Product Officer, Nils Olsson. Nils holds a deep knowledge of the packaging industry with more than a decade’s experience from TetraPak, a multinational processing and packaging solutions company.

Author: tacton_webdevadmin