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CPQ Implementation Readiness

Johannes Muschal is senior VP of success delivery at Tacton. Together with our international consulting teams, he accompanies and supports companies on their CPQ journey. He is very familiar with the challenges and pitfalls of a CPQ implementation – but also how to avoid them.

The truth about CPQ projects is they can fail.

Implementing a CPQ solution means more than just introducing new software. The decision to select a CPQ solution is part of a comprehensive digitization strategy. That’s why a CPQ project is not a pure IT project, but a strategic one that usually goes hand in hand with organizational and technical changes..

CPQ implementation involves conceptual questions (“How does our sales strategy for future success looks like?”) as well as detailed questions (“How good is our data quality?”). In addition, teamwork in the truest sense of the word is required of all those involved: The IT landscape and interfaces must function properly, and employees from different departments must work together.

For CPQ implementation to be successful, several prerequisites must be met and the course set. But also, during the implementation, it is important to keep a clear focus and to work with the right attitude and methodology.

Learn more on the pre-requisites for a successful CPQ implementation journey and how to make your CPQ project successful and how to avoid common pitfalls!