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Tacton Summit: “Conscious Manufacturing”

At Tacton’s two day Conscious Manufacturing Summit, global experts, Tacton customers, and Tacton’s team discussed how industrial manufacturing can handle complexity and compliance with a focus on sustainability.

How are you managing complexity and compliance with a view towards sustainability?

Is sustainability on your agenda? If not – should it be?

How can your configuration process help you meet your sustainability goals?

It all starts with a configurator you can trust.

During our first session, we tackled the question of ‘why’. Why should sustainability be on your agenda, and what does it look like in practice?

  • Sustainability requirements for manufacturing, as driven by European Commission policy makers
  • What regulations are coming, how manufacturers will be impacted, and how to stay resilient to the changes
  • How organizations with heavily customized products are facing the challenges resulting from climate change regulations and legislation
  • What Plus Pack is doing to meet their goals of transforming the single use food packaging industry

During our second session, we talked about how technology can support conscious manufacturing. Tacton and Plus Pack highlighted:

  • Why sustainability and CPQ must be on the same agenda
  • How configuration can support sustainability goals, helping to answer the question: Is configuration the key to conscious manufacturing?
  • Plus Pack’s initiatives and actions towards a circular economy and how their investments in Tacton CPQ is enabling them to reach UN Sustainable Development Goals