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IMI increases sales and reduces sales costs with Tacton CPQ


About IMI

IMI is a specialist engineering company that designs, manufactures and services highly engineered products that control the precise movement of fluids. IMI aims to deliver great solutions that tackle the most demanding engineering challenges. IMI helps some of the world’s leading industrial companies operate their processes safely, sustainably, cleanly, efficiently and cost effectively. IMI operate through three divisions – IMI Precision Engineering, IMI Critical Engineering and IMI Hydronic Engineering – and employ around 10,000 people in over 50 countries around the world.

The challenge

IMI had a broad portfolio of products and brands, each having their own design history, technology centers, rules and logic, often connected to local technology centers around the globe. To sell those products, over 200 specialty tools were used globally, making it difficult to scale business operations and reduce the maintenance of those tools. IMI also required intense calculations and simulations of the configured product.

“So it’s been a very good process from beginning to end, so I’ve been very happy with it.”

Chris Peterson, Global Director of Engineering Services


The solution

With Tacton CPQ, IMI went from multiple tools to a single application. With Tacton´s configuration technologies, IMI managed to express most of their global portfolio within the same single-source of truth sales tool. In addition, IMI used Tacton CPQ extensibility capabilities to perform the required high-end calculation inside the configuration without any performance reductions.

“Never before, have we had such control over our data to be able to leverage it to improve our processes, make better decisions, be more proactive for our customers, understand the markets faster because now we have access to the data for every sale that we make.”

Chris Peterson, Global Director of Engineering Services



Contract signage to first launch took about one year. Since Go-Live, IMI has expanded from twelve product lines to about fifty (end of 2023). With the help of Tacton’s consultants, Academy and product support, IMI is now 90% self-sufficient in maintaining logic and data for product and pricing. Only when IMI needs to expand into other divisions and market, Tacton is called in.

With Tacton CPQ, IMI can better ensure the optimal product selection in terms of meeting both the customer needs, as well as achieving a financial benefit to IMI. With its global footprint, Tacton CPQ has helped IMI to become one company, to increase their portfolio selling and to attract a wider audience to their products. IMI has been able to do a lot more standardization, which has benefited the supply chains and reduced the number of engineering hours committed in projects, as well as reduced the lead times. With Tacton CPQ analytics, IMI has moved the business operations from an analog base to a more digital data driven base, being instrumental in their digital journey.

“Was the process challenging? Yes. It was very challenging, but it was absolutely necessary for where we wanted to be as a business.”

Chris Peterson, Global Director of Engineering Services