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Maximizing Time-to-Value with Tacton Design Automation


The Challenge

Finland-based VAK specializes in developing heavy transportation equipment, typically trailers for heavy trucks. VAK’s products appear to be similar, but they are typically customized for each customer, so both design and the need for components in the products are always changing. VAK’s assemblies can include up to almost 1,000 individual parts, and matching them to ensure that they fit together is virtually impossible without using 3D CAD.


The Solution

VAK automated routine design tasks using Tacton Design Automation integrated with SolidWorks. This brought significant time savings, far fewer design errors, and the 3D design made it possible to integrate and modularize VAK’s products.
Additionally, 3D modeling with SolidWorks enabled VAK to assess the functionality of new products already in the design phase.


Benefits achieved

  • Major time savings in production
  • Complex modularized solutions made it possible to integrate and modularize VAK’s products.
  • Design time was reduced significantly
  • Eliminates rejected parts
  • Automated design of cargo bodies freed designers from repetitive design tasks and saved significant time
  • After-sales and spare parts business became much easier
  • Tacton Design Automation helped transfer design intent from individual designers to the company

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About VAK

VAK Oy is one of the largest transport equipment manufacturers in the Nordics. It is a full-service company that also offers maintenance and rental service.