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eBook: The Ultimate Guide to Visual Configuration

Creating a unique eCommerce journey starts with appealing product visualizations

While we continue to learn how to work in the new normal one thing is certain for manufacturers. Change is a constant and leveraging the right technology is crucial to improving operational efficiency and improving the customer experience. The solution that many manufacturers are missing their product portfolio is Visual Configuration. It is a necessity for manufacturers looking to grow their business and enable customers to do more. Offering visual product configuration will help you stay ahead of the competition by becoming a market leader with a one-of-a-kind customer experience. In this guide we’ll discuss the basics of Visual Configuration, challenges, opportunities, and more:

What’s in the eBook?

  • A deep dive into the visual asset creation process
  • Using visualization embedded in the portal to create a wow factor for customers
  • How CPQ and Visualization work bi-directionally for the best results
  • Customer use cases, real examples and more!