CPQ for Industrial Manufacturing

Optimize Your Selling with CPQ for Industrial Manufacturing

Error Prone Quoting Processes are Costing You Time and Money

From robotics to material processing your manufacturing operation has struggled with time consuming and error prone quotations that cause delays and added costs. That’s not even mentioning your sales team having to manually create quotes and chasing product and pricing information. Finding the right solutions can give you teams a distinct competitive advantage by offering a unique customer centered buying journey.

Tacton CPQ software for manufacturing can help sell robots, or material treatments that can streamline your internal processes while improving your customers experience.  In addition to CPQ Tacton Visual Configuration can give your customers real-time visuals that enable them to see the smallest product detail for increased win-rate and satisfaction.

Address any challenges with CPQ for Industrial Manufacturing

100% Quote and Configuration Accuracy

Create 100% customized quotes in minutes instead of days using Tacton CPQ.

Work with Any Variance

Utilize CPQ to deal with any client specifications and variants with a single source of truth.

Become Truly Customer Centric

Handle any customer request with ease using needs-based configuration, while also offering an omnichannel experience complete with self-service.

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Discover how Tacton CPQ helped Yaskawa get a grip on their sales and customer experience processes while becoming more operationally efficient.

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