Sell Faster than ever with Tacton CPQ Software for Sales

Accelerate Manufacturing Sales with Fast, Accurate Quotes Throughout the Sales Process with CPQ Software for Sales

Sales Person using CPQ software for sales to help optimize his sale.

Don’t Keep Your Customers Waiting

Customer demands are higher than ever, they won’t tolerate mistakes anymore with so many ways to get their products. To prevent customers from choosing your competitors it’s time to give your sales teams a tool that fundamentally changes how they sell. Tacton’s Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) solution is the tool to improve your daily operations and enhance the customer experience.

Tacton CPQ software for sales extends your typical buying journey by enabling an omnichannel customer experience that enables you to sell and market your products from anywhere. Enabling your sales team to utilize stunning Visual Configurations of products will enable your team to cut down on costly errors while giving your buyer the wow factor they’ve been looking for. Are you ready to transform your selling process? Get started with your free guide to CPQ!

How Does CPQ Software For Sales help my team? 

Fast, Error Free Quotes

CPQ enables your sales team to quickly give quotes with 100% accuracy

Streamline internal Processes

Save time, money and resources by connecting your sales team with the rest of the organization—ensuring they have the latest product updates, pricing, and availability 

Visualize your sales

Your customers won’t purchase anything sight unseen, which makes giving them an accurate visual representation of their product will help your sales pitch like never before

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