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Your challenges

Siloed and badly governed data is a real burden to manufacturing companies. With information spread out in your PLM, ERP, CRM, PIM, CPQ and CAD systems, your sales and order fulfillment teams will base critical business decisions on wrong or outdated data or be forced to collect data through slow and manual processes. This will create both internal frustration as well as hurting the customer experience, with faulty products, prices and delivery times appearing in quotes and orders. Let’s see how Tacton CPQ Integrations addresses these challenges.

How can Tacton CPQ Integrations help your business?

System-agnostic integration philosophy

As a best-of-breed stand-alone service, Tacton CPQ must acknowledge the wide range of complementary standards and enterprise systems manufacturers use for the complete proposal and order process. We, therefore, employ a system-agnostic approach to our APIs: By making it easy to connect to us we don’t have to proactively connect to everything else.

Sync your product structure from PLM to CPQ

In the PLM, your R&D department defines the product architecture, the structure, modules and module variants needed to fulfill the output and performance expected for each product variant (often called Super BOM or 150% BOM). With the help of Tacton CPQ’s API for Administration, this PLM data is automatically brought over to Tacton, on top of which you then build your configuration logic. With updated PLM product data always reflected in Tacton CPQ, your sales reps will only configure accurate and up-to-date solutions selling your newest and finest product features. Watch this video to learn more about product data management with Tacton.

Keep your base prices updated in CPQ to protect your deal margins for configurable products

In your CPQ you define the price execution rules and waterfalls for your products, segments, and channels. However, the price and costing data– base prices and production costs – are often stored in dedicated price management systems or in the ERP. With Tacton CPQ’s API for Price Data and Costing Data, you can continuously pull in data from your price management systems, ensuring that configured products quoted by your sales reps, get the correct price, effectively protecting your deal margins. If you have separate ERPs for your subscription-based services, Tacton CPQs API for Subscription pricing allows you to pull in product and recurring prices for those.

Optimize quotes in CPQ with data from ERP

ERP and supply chain management systems holds data about stock levels, delivery times and currency factors. These data can be important when building an optimal deal for a customer in CPQ, for instance avoiding parts with long lead times. With Tacton CPQ’s API for Product Modeling any business-critical parameter from your ERP or SCM can be pulled into your product model in Tacton CPQ, driving the selection of products variants based on customer’s purchasing drivers. By connecting supply chain with CPQ, your order fulfillment organization is better positioned to deliver on the promises in the quote. 

Fast lane integration – Data Import Automation

If your  enterprise systems  has volatile data – for instance constantly changing parts, currency factors or costs – you may consider using Tacton CPQ’s Data Import Automation. Here you can collect, validate and orchestrate the automatic release of enterprise master data directly out into the front-office CPQ sales tool – without human intervention. Automating data flows in this way means more business agility, less maintenance costs and fewer quote and order errors. Watch this demo to learn more about Data Import Automation.

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CPQ Software Integrations

Integration to Salesforce Tacton CPQ integrates your customers’ data into Salesforce. Developed specifically for the manufacturing industry.

Integration to Microsoft Dynamics integrations with Microsoft Dynamics simplifies manufacturers’ unique workflows.

 CRM, ERP or eCommerce whether it’s Oracle Sales Cloud or an eCommerce solution, we integrate seamlessly into any CRM, ERP or eCommerce system.

Integration to SAP Tacton CPQ’s open API enables integrations into any SAP system.

Manufacturers Trust Tacton

“We have a great cooperation with Tacton, we’ve found them to be very flexible and responsive. It feels more like a partnership rather than a customer”

“Tacton is an extremely powerful tool that brings us closer to our customers by offering customized solutions quickly and cost effectively.”

“With CPQ our sales teams could interpret the needs of the customer and quickly identify which solutions within our entire product line best met those needs.”

CPQ Software Integrations Technical Features

  • Utilizing Tacton CPQ Software integrations API it’s possible to integrate into any system landscape
  • Using CPQ to establish a seamless integration within MS dynamics 365 and Salesforce
  • Integrate with Tacton self-service feature to enable customers to shop on their own time

Product Resources

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Customer Success at Tacton

We’re with you every step of the way. Every customer project is different, that’s why our success team is critical to your long-term goals.

We understand the importance of integrating into your business critical systems and how vital your CPQ is to ensure your tech stack is synced. Our team of experts will ensure all your systems are connected and the entire organization is working from the same data source.

Transforming your business requires more than some new software tools. This is why we work closely with your team to identify key success measures including a successful implementation, user enablement, and adoption throughout your organization.

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