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Tacton Systems Starts Its Third Talent Program

Stockholm, July 8, 2013: The Swedish software company Tacton Systems, that develops and implements software for complex sales configuration, announced today that they will start its third talent program in September 2013.

Last week, Tacton Systems reported a good economic situation with a revenue increase of 30% compared to the same period last year. The company is not only growing revenue wise, but also personnel wise. This year Tacton has already recruited 24 employees and plans to recruit 10-15 more developers and business consultants during the coming Fall. Many of these will be a part of the company’s third talent program starting in September.

Tacton has developed its talent program to attract competent developers and business consultants and quickly make them feel like one in the team and by that contribute in the most effective way possible. The program consists of education mixed with real projects. The educational part of the program consists of subjects from all parts of the company such as product understanding, project methodology, sales and marketing. To be accepted to the program the candidate need to be ambitious and curios to learn new things and have a large interest for how industrial products work and are built.

Since Tacton has customers and employees from all over the world it is very important that all employees are interested in working internationally.

”In our current expansion phase, we have a great need for engaged team players that quickly becomes a natural part of the company and we have seen that this type of talent program creates many advantages in this sense. The participants can also help each other and get a lot of help from the more senior employees at Tacton during the course of the program. This has proven to have a very positive effect for Tacton as well as the program participants.” says Ann Jerreborg, HR Manager, Tacton Systems

Tacton’s talent program has two specializations: Business Consultant, that analyzes the customers’ mechanical products and Software Developer, who develops advanced applications for the customers. For the talent program starting this Fall, Tacton is looking for a mix of junior and senior participants.

For more information, contact:

Ann Jerreborg, HR Manager, Tacton Systems
Phone: +46 739 20 24 10
E-mail: ann.jerreborg@tacton.com


Author: Tacton