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5 Ways to Accelerate Your Sales Velocity with a Mobile App

Is your company looking to get an app for iOS and Android but not sure how it can help your sales and business grow? Now, with more people than ever on their cell phones, tablets and even watches it’s crucial to offer an omnichannel experience for a seamless shopping experienceA great mobile app can help not only your sales team grow and improve operations but also help create value that is integral to enhancing your customer experience.   

  1. Accelerate your sales– With most buyers moving away from computers and laptops it is important to have an app where your product can be easily viewed and purchased from a potential buyer’s phone. Including promotions and news items will help your product become more visible through the apps push-notifications. This will help them know about the latest new features or sales which can help bring more eyes to your company and accelerate the sales cycle.  
  2. Improving operations– A mobile app can make for a seamless shopping experience for your customers while also making your employees lives easier. Making collaboration, edits, approvals, and interactions through the cloud with an app will improve operations and make your teams lives easier by giving them another place to work away from the office. 
  3. Take your product on the road- Your sales team can benefit greatly from being able to access files remotely with customers. Imagine a scenario where a sales team member would be able to quickly access different products to their clients with no hold-up. A great mobile app will help put the product in front of the buyer at the right time.  
  4. Address Customer Issues- Creating an app with built-in troubleshooting or customer service will add another layer of value to your business. Being able to ask questions quickly will help your business find solutions for any type of issues your customers may have. This helps enhance the customer experience by providing real-time solutions, leading to customers coming back in the future.   
  5. Visualize your sales– Allow your sales team to show your products in a visual field instead of leaving them to wonder what a product looks like. Many customers prefer a visual product, especially if items are complex or new. Take visualization to the next level with Augmented Reality enabling your sales team to show how the product will fit in the environment it will go in. With so many sales depending on a customer seeing a product it is important to be able to quickly deliver them what they want 

 With so many fast-paced sales tactics out today it is important to have an app that can accelerate your sales to improve your unique customer needs. Discover how Tacton’s Smart Commerce app for iOS allows for real-time collaboration within your organization allowing focus on customer needs. 

Author: tacton_webdevadmin