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CPQ Success Story: Husky Injection Molding Systems

CPQ Success Story: Husky’s Solution Time Reduced 75% with Tacton CPQ

Husky Injection Molding Systems is a global leader in supplying injection molding equipment and services. With over 4,000 employees worldwide Husky supports customers in over 100 countries.

Industry leader Husky faced a quoting accuracy challenge

Husky was facing a challenging quoting process for their hot runner business when they realized they needed to consider 60-70 variables for each solution. These variables may seem small, but behind each variable was a set of guidelines for what to select into a configuration and there were thousands of guidelines. This meant the sales engineers managing the quote would have to do manual work across multiple systems in Excel and look-up charts.

This led to inconsistent and incorrect quotes for their customers. But most importantly – the process took too long, resulting in missed sales opportunities to the competition. In a business with short sales cycles and high volume, speed is key to stay competitive. Husky also faced challenges with their internal collaboration. Sales and engineering teams would use different tools for different parts of the quoting process, resulting in inefficiencies and disconnected data flows.

The search for the optimal solution

When Husky began looking for a solution to their issues they wanted to work with a vendor that had a track record of manufacturing expertise. Their previous CPQ supplier struggled with Husky’s product complexity, a common occurrence for manufacturers. Husky’s IT had to maintain the tool, resulting in a change request backlog.

Looking towards Industry 4.0

A digital transformation required a solution that would span across different business operations. From sales to engineering, they searched for a solution that would work for anyone who needed to configure products. Husky’s search led them to Tacton’s Configure Price Quote (CPQ) solutions.

With Tacton, Husky finally found a tool that can handle their product complexity while cutting the time spent on their tens of thousands of quotes per year by 75%. Working with Tacton also helps Husky prepare more than 95% of the engineering bill of materials, which allows engineers to focus on innovation. Tacton also enables a seamless flow of information from Husky’s CRM through to order fulfillment for a fully supported sales process.

Steffen Bönecke, Director of Global Engineering and Operation Transformation at Husky, describes how Tacton has helped revolutionize Husky’s digital strategy: “We want to use every solution in their key area of expertise – and for us, Tacton’s main area of expertise is product configuration and supporting our solutioning processes globally.”

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Husky’s CPQ success metrics:

  • 100% error-free quotes.
  • Consistently branded documentation for each quote – provides a consistent, reliable customer experience.
  • Lower warranty cost – an incorrect configuration of a solution can cost thousands of euros/dollars. When other tools were used, incorrect configurations were common. With Tacton, there has never been an incorrect configuration made.
  • Ease of use for new salespeople, guiding them to find the optimal product configuration that matches their customer’s needs.
  • Adoption of new products – it typically took a very long time to get new products out in the market.

Husky is a global leader in injection molding manufacturing systems

Husky designs, manufactures and integrates the industry’s most comprehensive range of injection molding equipment, including hot runners and controllers. Husky has one of the broadest product lines in the industry.

“For Husky’s digital transformation it’s key to use “best of breed solutions” that span across all businesses. Tacton is a key element in Husky’s sales process.” – Steffen Bönecke,  Director of Global Engineering and Operation Transformation, Husky

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Author: Michael Brassea