Tacton Visualization for Product Configuration

Create an Engaging Buying Experience with Visual Configuration Built for Manufacturing

Reinvent the Buying Experience with the Top Visual Configuration Tool for Manufacturers

Manufacturers have long struggled to showcase their product portfolio in an interactive and engaging way. Text-based descriptions won’t fly with the modern B2B buyer. Visual Configuration and Augmented Reality (AR) showcase your products in an impressive way eliminating reliance on old, time-consuming methods. Increase the chance of closing the deal by allowing the customer to create their own product on their own, or side by side with a sales rep to make the optimal decision faster. Discover how CPQ and visualization work together in our ultimate CPQ guide!

Visualization Features and Benefits

Use visualization to speed up product understanding. Instant feedback improves customer collaboration and experience

3D visualization with AR is more impressive than text, giving your customers that wow factor helps you stand out in a crowded field

Instant visual confirmation of products reduces costly miscommunications by giving accurate, detailed expectations down to the smallest detail

Increase confidence and satisfaction with AR by showing how products fit in your customers unique space

Manufacturers Trust Tacton

“What convinced us early on was Tacton’s know-how in visual configuration and their industry expertise”

“Tacton is the most important sales tool we have. It’s easy, fast and we can’t work without it”

“Tacton is an extremely powerful tool that brings us closer to our customers by offering customized solutions quickly and cost effectively.”

Visual Configuration Technical Features

  • Bi-directional real-time communication with Tacton CPQ 
  • Drag-n-Drop configuration for easy layout configuration
  • Parametric configuration using spatial/geometrical rules
  • 3D real-time visualization based on Physical Based Rendering, a linear & HDR pipeline, dynamic lights & shadows and optional post effects
  • Mobile App for iOS supporting live linking to a running Tacton CPQ session
  • Specialized creation and maintenance environment supporting standard exchange file formats, docking points for easy and reliable assembly and integrated in the Tacton CPQ workflow

Product Resources

Product Data Sheet

A one-page product description of Tacton Visual Configuration

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Visualization eBook

Get the ultimate guide to Tacton visualization

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Visual Configuration of a heavy vehicles

Visualization Blog

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Customer Success at Tacton

We’re with you every step of the way. Every CPQ with Visualization project is different, and our teams are experts in ensuring your visualization software is optimized for your needs.

Whether visual configuration is primarily an inside sales tool or you choose to extend it to customers through your website, our teams will work closely to create a visually immersive experience.

Transforming your business requires more than some new software tools. This is why we work closely with your team to identify key success measures including a successful implementation, user enablement, and adoption throughout your organization.

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