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Don’t Get Lapped in the Order Fulfillment Race

Gaining a competitive advantage in manufacturing can be a difficult task with so many cheap options on the market for your potential customers to choose from, which makes it important to find different ways to compete on value. In today’s online market B2B customers want their products, and they want them ASAP which makes filling orders integral to the success of any business.  

How can you make your manufacturing company the first option for your current customers, but also for new customers? Streamlining your order process will help you run laps around your competition for years to come.  

The manufacturing industry has struggled with filling orders correctly for years, but that can change by enabling the right solutions for your business.  Using a configurator such as Tacton’s CPQ can go a long way in making every order 100% correct. Companies who fail to streamline important processes like quoting and ordering will get left behind. You may find yourself asking how eliminating order errors will help your business, and we’ve got the answers: 

With high customer expectations, it is important to address the increasing demands by providing them the right product, but also an omnichannel experience. A Tacton study shows 30% of orders contain errors, which makes it is easier than ever for a customer to leave for the competition that will get the job done right the first time. Retaining customers is just as important as getting new ones. Enhancing customer experience by giving them what they want quickly and correctly should be something every manufacturing sales team strives for. 

To reiterate, customers are increasingly intolerant of human error making it easier to switch to a competitor rather than tolerate easily avoidable mistakes. These errors can come from poor workflows that involve a constant back and forth between sales and engineering. Finding a solution that breaks down the silos that impede progress will go a long way in helping your customer come back. 

Enhancing the customer experience- Bring back customers time and time again by offering them the right product, the first time.

Eliminating slow fulfillment- slower fulfillment means fewer sales opportunities, negatively impacting the bottom line.

Improve operational efficiencies- Finding why slow orders are common will enable your company to eliminate them for efficient processes.

Eliminating order errors isn’t an option, it’s a necessity for your business to sustain and grow. Discover how Tacton helped Kramp, one of Europe’s biggest technical wholesalers, offer a new standard of fast and reliable orders and quotes.  

Author: tacton_webdevadmin