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Kickin’ the Tires with 3D Product Visualization

Have you ever heard the phrase kickin’ tires before? Maybe not? Basically, it comes from early drivers who would kick tires to ensure they weren’t made of cheap, poor quality rubber. Believe it or not, some would find one kick could deflate a whole tire. Those shoppers aren’t as lucky as we are to be able to visualize products before they’d step on a lot as we do with 3D product visualization. 

Potential buyers are still doing this when they’re on car lots across the world. But given the current circumstance, it’s a little hard to step on a lot and kick tires. Finding a viable option to deal with the lack of in-person customer now can also have benefits when we return to a more normal routine. 3D product visualization is something many sellers are using to stem the tide between in-person and online shopping. So how can you give the kickin’ tires experience online? Let’s find out.  

Change your first impression for the better with 3D product visualization  

Consider your last big purchase, did you search online before? Most likely you did, imagine your customer wants to buy a new truck for their construction operation. Would they want to see pictures of any old truck, or are they looking for a custom set-up? The answer is yes, everything about your customer’s business is unique from what they haul to where they haul it. Now they’d love to see how it’ll look with a myriad of options. 3D product visualization has you covered to impress your customer.  

3d Product visualization

Start with their 3D product needs  

Your group of customers does everything differently, so you need to be able to create a way for each unique one to create a product to their custom needs. With such a wide array of trucks, they can pick which one is the one that fits their needs. Volume restricted goods or a tipper? Your customer can choose quickly in this online product configuration.  

3d product visualization

Maybe your customer isn’t sure which application they’d like because they are so similar but look how quickly you can change the trailer on the truck with 3D product visualization. The quick visualization gives an accurate expectation to your customer of how certain items will look. This can be done with or without your sales team in the same room as the customer. That may sound like bad news for your team, but it’s actually a great and unique way to keep customers engaged online with your products. Building on their own time will enable them to see the differences in products while creating an emotional attachment to your truck. 

Visualization doesn’t have to stop at trailers, your customers can see tires change in real-time. How many do they want? 4×2 or 6×4? The selection of tires can become an essential part of the function of the truck, so picking tires using guided selling can show if a configuration is possible or what would need to change to make it possible.

Kick the tires with photorealistic interactive images

With no showroom to go to quickly be able to show how features change remotely can give your customers a realistic feel for different product features. These tires are changed in an instant to show different product options.

3d product visualization

Customers are visual buyers

Your customer wants to see every different feature they’d like. Using 3D visualization is a great option for your sales team to help create a mutual understanding of products online or in person. Creating this type of personalization can go beyond tires and trailers, but extend into other areas of the truck with colors, cabs, and even lights quickly configurable.

Where to next?

We know kickin’ the tires in-person will come back someday, but for now, we’re doing out best to keep in touch with customers and create that in-person feeling. Using 3D visualization can help keep the ball rolling in any industry. The connection you create now with customers will continue in person when you create engaging relationships based on 100% accurate product visuals both you and your customer will enjoy.

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Author: Michael Brassea