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It’s Time to Configure the Optimal Deal with CPQ

First-class and high-quality products alone are not (anymore) enough. 

The good news at the beginning: Customers can still be won with first-class, high-quality products. However, hard performance figures and mechanical functions alone are no longer the most important arguments for the purchase decision. Criteria such as availability, energy efficiency, or total operating costs are playing an increasingly important role – and the provision of first-class services that are perfectly tailored to the product and intended use. 

In addition, the growing importance of the service business for corporate success and (once again) some trends spilling over from the consumer goods world mean that many machine and plant manufacturers have to rethink and adapt their traditional business model: 

  • The focus is not on the product or its ownership, but on its use. 
  • Benefit-based sales models are on the rise. 
  • Machine and plant manufacturers not only have to develop, manufacture, and sell their products – they also have to own and operate them if necessary. 

To put it bluntly: Customers are no longer interested in the product or in the functions 

They are interested in the results they want to achieve with the product. The right answer for machine and system manufacturers are therefore powerful sales tools with which they: 

  • Be able to configure the ideal solutions for customer requirements error-free and application-oriented, without getting lost in technical details 
  • Be able to offer the right service offerings based on the current product configuration right from the start 
  • Can optimize the service offerings according to the product configuration made 
  • Different pricing models (one-off costs, monthly subscription costs, usage-dependent) can be flexibly selected. 

Application-oriented product configuration and “best price” guarantee from a single source 

The new subscription or “X as a Service” world has a catch: In many companies, it takes place in different systems. Offer and sell capital goods together with services? A real challenge for companies, caused by isolated, decoupled systems and processes. This has negative consequences: 

  • Offering the right services for highly variable products is a lengthy and costly process. 
  • Service offers cannot be optimized for the characteristics of the customer-specifically configured product 
  • Product configuration and service offerings have to be configured in different systems. 
  • Double, error-prone data maintenance 

Subscription pricing for Tacton CPQ extends  

Tacton’s configuration engine to optimize products during configuration not only according to specific customer requirements (such as operating costs, consumption or performance characteristics) – but also the possible service offers that match the currently configured product. 

The result is a central CPQ system with which sales and distribution partners can configure customer-specific products and services without errors, price flexibly and create comprehensive offers at the push of a button. 

  • Flexible pricing of service offers (one-time payment, monthly costs, depending on usage) 
  • Offer tailor-made services based on the currently configured product. 
  • Create offers including discounts and ramp-ups. 
  • Forecast Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) and/or Annually Recurring Revenue (ARR). 
  • Visualization of payment plans including total order value (total net price), CAPEX and OPEX costs. 
  • Configure a complete solution – including industrial equipment, subscription-based services and spare parts based on the configured product. 
  • Create offers including discounts and ramp-ups. 

Configure highly variable industrial goods error-free and sell them efficiently. Tacton CPQ is the CPQ solution for sales, marketing, engineering, and partners. 

Tacton CPQ is perfect for you if you: 

  • Want to automate and accelerate manual processes in sales and distribution. 
  • Want to increase the success rate of your offers. 
  • Want to reach and convince your customers on digital sales channels. 

Tacton CPQ is the control center for all sales-related information, such as B. the offered product configurations, the created offer documents including the associated CAD documents, prices, and reliable delivery dates. Create the optimal offer based on reliable data and offer your customers the best product for their specific requirements.  No matter which criteria are important for your customer: Our CPQ solution enables the configuration of tailor-made, customer-specific products and solutions. Application-based and error-free.

Interested in learning more? Check out our latest ebook: The Future of Manufacturing Subscription Models or schedule your demo!  

Author: Michael Brassea