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Optimize the Operating Room with Visualization for Medtech

Visualization for Medtech is the next frontier

Decorating your house is almost as important as buying it. After bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens your living room is the spot you’ll spend a lot of your time. Your style is different, based on subjective criteria so furnishing is important. Do you want a tv, need somewhere for the kids to play, or a dog bed, for example, Your taste defines how the living room will look while also taking into account the space needed between items such as your couch and tv? In the end, the room is intended to work for you and your family mostly, but also how it works with others who come into your home.  

A living room is an important part of your daily life, so getting it right is essential to a comfortable and functional home. Much like furnishing your living room your work environment also has to be comfortable, safe, and functional. Especially in the medical field. Furnishing an operating room or surgical theater is similar to furnishing your living room, but can become a bit more complex without some help from visual configuration 

Visualization of an OR

(Image of an exemplary operation room with different equipment) 

Where to start?  

Much like a living room, you must understand the space in the room. How would a couch fit in that corner or a medical device in the operating room? Defining the space for all the equipment will help give an idea of how things will fit. After figuring out the function of the space it’s easier than ever to configure the needed equipment with a wide range of technical devices and instillations with CPQ quickly and correctly.  

In addition to CPQ, visualization can help paint a better understanding of how products fit for your sales team and your customers. Visualization helps generate a clear understanding of all of the product variants and how they will fit into the unique space they will inhabit, much like how a couch would fit in your living room.  


(Image of different cart configurations) 

Optimize the Operating Room 

And all those individual configured devices and products need to work together in the best way to allow optimal processes and workflows while performing high precision tasks by several different doctors during the usage period. And of course, everything needs to fit in the available space of the desired room. 

Therefore, one very important functionality besides configuring the functionalities of the individual products is to measure if everything fits in the available space and is usable by different doctors with different physical appearances. 

Eliminate Time-Consuming Tasks with Visualization for Medtech

In the past, this was done in a time-consuming engineering task after the actual configuration process to generate drawings with different measurements corresponding to the actual configuration. Now it is possible to immediately create precise technical drawings (2D) on the base of the configured solution. 

Since time really matters in those medical equipment deals, losing a few hours or even days can easily lose the deal as well. 

With 3D real-time visualization in parallel to the actual configuration process, those measurements and drawings can be generated instantly, be verified while configuring and be attached to the proposal right away without any delay.

visualization for medtech

Visual configuration of a medical device

(Images of different configurations and their measurements) 

Creating a fully visually configurated space is a big sales advantage that increases a common understanding of the current configuration, its effects on spacingeliminating unnecessary and time-consuming feedback loops. With visualization support, its possible to shorten the quotation process to several hours instead of days. 

The process can be shortened even more when using new technologies like Augmented Reality to place the whole configuration or individual products in the real-world operation room and verify that everything fits. 

Utilizing the space of a room is difficult, from your living room to a doctor’s operating room. It’s never as easy as it seems to fit products into space. With visualization, it makes defining the space easier by offering real-time visuals of medical devices. This doesn’t only help your customer feel a part of your sales pitch, it also helps your sales team to give them realistic expectations of how products affect the space they live in.  

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Author: Michael Brassea