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Why is the Tacton and Intershop Partnership Important to Manufacturers?

If you missed the latest news, Tacton and Intershop have partnered together to provide an end-to-end  B2B eCommerce buying experience for manufacturing customersOffering a truly omnichannel experience for buyers can make a difference with scarce customer demand on the market. Let’s look at how the Tacton and Intershop partnership can enable you to do more with less. Let’s start with a quick introduction to both companies. 

Who is Tacton? 

For over 20 years, Tacton has worked closely with manufacturers to navigate accelerating sales and improving operational efficiency when selling highly configurable products using Configure, Price, Quote and Visual Configuration software. CPQ software enables users to utilize self-service, guided (and remote) selling to accurately configure complex products and services for prospective customers quickly and accurately.   

Visualization helps customers see how their products will fit into their unique space, while also showing how each product feature interacts with one another. Finally, Design Automation enables engineering teams to ensure detailed 2D and 3D designs of configured products straight from your CAD system are correct. Reduce order errors, automatically generate configuration-specific drawings and manufacturing information for a seamless sales process. 

Who is Intershop? 

Intershop is an eCommerce solution provider that enables manufacturers and more to deal with the challenges of the new buying journey. For over 25 years Intershop has advised and supported companies in their digital transformation journeys by optimizing productivity and customer value.  

Intershop empowers manufacturing and wholesale companies to grow in a digital-first world by building unique digital commerce solutions. Servicing 300+ B2B customers around the world, Intershop’s cloud-based commerce technology has a proven track record of successfully digitalizing businesses with platform as reliable and future-ready foundation. 

Tacton and Intershop a partnership for a connected journey  

Now that you have a little more information about each company, we can discuss why this partnership is so important for manufacturers. While eCommerce has changed the buying journey for many industries, manufacturing has lagged due to high product complexity. Customers also expect a B2C like journey, one where they can quickly research and buy products without any contact with a sales team.  

Now working with Tacton and Intershop it’s easier for manufacturers to give a B2C-like buying experience for their customers. Setting up a product configurator directly onto a website will enable customers to quickly configure their unique product with stunning visuals included. With self-service included the customer can quickly bring items into the shopping cart provided by Intershop.  

This connected process will ensure quick, accurate and speedy buying like manufacturers have dreamed about. Enabling customers to buy on their own time will keep your teams closing deals fast while still working closely with offline buyers.  

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Digital transformation starts online 

In closing, the buying journey is more difficult than ever. 74% of industrial buyers now research at least half of their purchases online (Accenture)With numbers like that its time manufacturers make it easier for their customers to buy products. While it sounds difficult, a strategic investment with Tacton and Intershop can lead to success even in the most difficult markets.  

With Tacton and Intershop, manufacturers can now deliver a full end-to-end digital commerce experience for customers buying highly customizable products. Ready to see it for yourself? Schedule your personalized demo today.

Watch the full demo Intershop & Tacton demo here: 

Author: Michael Brassea