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[Tech with Tacton] Dynamic Proposal Documents with CPQ Proposal Software

Creating complete and accurate proposal document with the customer in focus when you have a large or heavily configurable product portfolio can be a time-consuming process and manufacturers know this struggle far too well. Proposals are one critical part of closing deals with customers, so creating fast, accurate proposals can make all the difference between winning or losing a deal. That’s just one reason many manufacturers are venturing to use Configure, Price, Quote solutions. Using CPQ proposal software can help you generate that winning proposal with a click of a button.  

This week’s Tech with Tacton author is Kalle Bruno one of our Senior Business Consultants at Tacton. In Kalle’s eight years with Tacton he has worked with some of our customers such as Husky, Siemens and Ryder. 

Manual work without CPQ proposal software  

Just as fast as your customer contacts you with a request, they want an equally fast response with a proposal that answers their specific questions.  

Many manufacturers in the past have taken a lot of time to build proposals painstakingly, manually writing a word document, copying and pasting standard sections from old proposals to retrofit an old customer proposal for a new one. Omitting those yellow sections like they’ve done so many times in the past. This can lead to error-prone handovers with missing documents, inaccurate pricing, and product specs.   

In that scramble to create a proposal the old way, your sales team uses old company logos and creates documents that seem pasted together from old documents, creating an inconsistent proposal experience for your customer. This isn’t just a difficult read for your customer but a bad look for your brand.  

All this work keeps customers waiting. So why do many manufacturers go back copy and paste from old word documents into a new one every time? They haven’t discovered how to use CPQ proposal software to make their lives easier yet. 

Want to go deeper into CPQ Proposal Documents? Check out our guide to CPQ!

Configure your perfect proposal 

Customers are unique and expect their needs to be acknowledged and fulfilled, this I should be reflected in a proposalChoose if you want to include a note from you CEO and product specs, just check that box.  The note mentions the customer’s name and contact person, the correct specs are added which relate to the products that will fulfill the customers’ needs. Only show total price, or is it important to present a price for reach individual options, your choice. It’s even easy to add the product visualizations you impressed the customer within the initial sales pitch.

The best part? If you reconfigure products and adjust prices in CPQ, you just need to press that button again to generate a proposal reflecting those changes.  

The documents included with Tacton CPQ Proposal Software:

Generates proposals and supporting documents –product sheets, user manuals, BOMs, spare parts lists
˃ Documents in Word, Excel or PDF
˃ Country- and role-specific proposals

Dynamic Proposals can help empower sales and customers

Creating an easy and editable way of creating proposals used to be a tall task. Now with CPQ Proposal Software by Tacton it’s easier than ever to populate documents with accurate product info, removing any chance of errors. This error-proof proposal generation can help sell faster while making each customers unique proposal dynamic, easy to read and accurate.

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Author: Michael Brassea