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A Letter From Our New CEO: Why Tacton? Why Now?

My name is Bo Gyldenvang, and I’m Tacton’s new Chief Executive Officer (CEO)I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself and share a little bit about why I joined Tacton at such an uncertain economic time. 

An Unparalleled Opportunity  

The manufacturing industry is quickly changing from in-person sales and engineering to a fully digital buying and selling experience. Tacton offered an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. A chance to be at the forefront of transforming not just one manufacturer, but the entire industry. As a Visionary in Gartner’s Magic QuadrantTacton has unique product insights and unparalleled manufacturing expertise that will not only help manufacturers but their customers in the long run.  

Why Tacton? 

We’re at an inflection point as a global society. A lot has changed over the past six months. The pandemic has shown how we all need to find better, optimized, and more sustainable ways to work. Which is why I’m ecstatic to start at Tacton. A company whose mission is to enable Smart Commerce for Manufacturers with Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) software. 

The Culture 

Award-winning products are great, but the team behind the product is a major reason I’ve joined Tacton. As a global company, it’s impressive to see how the teams interact with one another, waking up early, staying a few minutes late to enhance collaboration and expertise. The international culture brings together a melting pot of ideas that have led us to be such an exciting place to work. 

I’m looking forward to supporting our customers and manufacturers in their digital transformation journey with Tacton and I hope you are too. If you’d like feel free to connect with me on Linkedin and Twitter


Bo Gyldenvang



Author: Michael Brassea