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Tacton Systems Expands on the Japanese Market

Stockholm, Sweden – May 15, 2013- Tacton Systems, global supplier of sales and product configuration software announced today that they signed an agreement with a new reseller, EXA Corporation in Japan.

EXA Corporation is a solution provider for integration of business systems, system engineering, and IT system infrastructure. The company was founded in 1987 as an IT subsidiary of JFE Steel (formerly NKK). It is now a joint venture between JFE Steel and IBM Japan. EXA is known for its advanced engineering skills and experience in, for example, CAD, PLM and BOM.

EXA will be a reseller for Tacton System’s sales configurator, Tacton Configurator, a tool that makes it easier for companies to sell advanced products faster.

Tacton Systems is currently increasing its presence in Japan. More Japanese companies see the need for configuration solutions in order improve the quality of the products they manufacture and increase sales. Tacton is establishing a solid partner network in Japan.

“Japan is one of our key markets and we know that there are many Japanese companies that we can help with our solutions. Over the years we have seen the importance of establishing a local presence. Having strong qualified partners that we can fully trust is the key to our success. EXA will play a key role in Tacton’s expansion in Japan”, says Anders Hellermark, Senior VP ChannelsTacton Systems.

EXA knows that a partnership like the one with Tacton is crucial in order to add value to their customers. Many of EXA’s customers see that the time consuming process of creating quotes frequently results in lost business. Using Tacton’s solution for Sales Configuration, EXA can offer their customers a tool that substantially shortens their sales cycles. EXA’s customers can make substantial competitive gains using Tacton tools in their design- and manufacturing processes.

Most customers need the products customized to fit their specific needs. Customization is time consuming and costly and it is difficult to maintain a high level of quality. Tacton’s product and sales configurators enable each product to be adjusted to fit each customer’s needs in a shorter time, at a lower cost and with higher quality. This, together with the sales benefits gives EXA’s customers a significant competitive advantage when expanding business in Japanas well as globally.

“We believe that Tacton’s configurator solutions are the best possible answer to the requirements that Japanese manufacturing industry companies have in order to increase global competitiveness. One requirement that we have seen is increasing speed and precision in sales processes. Combining Tacton configurator system with EXA’s engineering experiences is an ideal match leading to maximum positive results. We are convinced that this combination will contribute greatly to process of industrial manufacturers of all kinds”, says Akihito Tsukamoto, President and Chief Executive Officer, EXA Corporation


About EXA Corporation

EXA was established in October 1987 with joint financing from IBM Japan and JFE Steel. The company specializes in the development of information systems and provides integrative solutions for business operations, engineering, and IT infrastructures. EXA also offers comprehensive and integrated services ranging from consulting to building, operating and maintenance of information system. For more information: www.exa-corp.co.jp.

About Tacton Systems

Tacton Systems is the world leader in advanced configuration. Tacton develops and sells embeddable software for sales and design configuration. This software simplifies the sale of customized, complex products offline as well as online. Tacton’s solutions integrate easily with surrounding systems and have standard integrations for many leading e-commerce, ERP, CRM, PDM, PLM, and CAD systems. Customers currently using Tacton’s solutions include GE Healthcare, Siemens, ABB, Scania, Toshiba, Aker, and Alfa Laval. For more information: www.tacton.com.

Author: Tacton