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What to expect at the upcoming Conscious Manufacturing Summit

Manufacturing is looking to become more disruption-proof after a bumpy ride the last few years. One specific strategic investment area that businesses are looking into is sustainability. That’s why we’re hosting the Conscious Manufacturing Summit: Drive sustainable growth and manage complexity & compliance with Tacton CPQ. This two-day event (April 20th, and May 5th, 2022) will have global experts, Tacton customers and Tacton’s team discussing the top trends in sustainability and configuration.  

What to expect at the Summit 

Sustainability has become an imperative for manufacturing when talking about business objectives, but the reality is achieving environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals is critical to long-term success. With customers becoming more conscious about exactly how products are sourced, it’s important to understand where manufacturers are in their sustainability journey. 

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With 84% of manufacturers noting the importance of sustainability initiatives it is time to take these challenges seriously. Sustainability is driven in part by new regulations across the globe, but also by a more conscious buyer. These buyers want to know how every part of a product is sourced; without these answers many will look to manufacturers who provide a clear picture of how products are made.  

The sustainability movement is here to stay, that’s why we’re hosting this webinar. Let’s check out some of our speakers!  

Who are our speakers?  

April 20th: The Sustainability Agenda  

On April 20th we will tackle the question of ‘why’. Why should sustainability be on your agenda, and what does it look like in practice? Attendees will hear about:  

  • Sustainability requirements for manufacturing, as driven by European Commission policy makers.  
  • What regulations are coming, how manufacturers will be impacted, and how to stay resilient amongst the changes  
  • How organizations with heavily customized products are facing the challenges presenting from climate change regulations and legislation  
  • What Plus Pack is doing to meet their goals of transforming the single use food packaging industry 

Joanna Sullivan, Conscience Consulting founder, and owner 

Joanna Sullivan is a highly experienced sustainability diplomat and strategic communication advisor, adept at moderating high-level policy debates on climate and sustainability topics, facilitating strategic discussions, retreats and designing coalitions for good. Jo advises business, NGO and European Commission clients on advocacy and strategic communication as founder and CEO of Conscience Consulting, a boutique consultancy based in Brussels. 

Irene Campo Gay, Ph.D. Researcher, Technical University of Denmark  

Irene Campo-Gay is a Ph.D. researcher at the Technical University of Denmark, specialized in product configuration systems and mass customization solutions. Her expertise encompasses the automation of different processes from the healthcare system to the construction industry. Irene’s research has a clear focus on developing novel sustainability assessment applications and product architecture tools. 

Ksenija Garbacenka Group Sustainability Manager, Plus Pack  

Ksenija leads strategic projects across companies with a focus on sustainability and circular economy. 

Madeleine Bergrahm, Sustainability Manager, Tacton 

Madeleine is a sustainability professional with broad experience of working with companies on different continents to drive sustainability agenda with customers and society. 

Thursday May 5th: Configuration and Conscious Manufacturing 

On May 5th, attendees will understand how technology will support conscious manufacturing. Tacton and Plus Pack will highlight:  

  • Why sustainability and CPQ must be on the same agenda  
  • How configuration can support sustainability goals, helping to answer the question: Is configuration the key to conscious manufacturing?  
  • Plus Pack’s initiatives and actions towards a circular economy and how their investments in Tacton CPQ is enabling them to reach UN Sustainable Development Goals 

Nils Olsson, Chief Product Officer, Tacton

Nils Olsson, Chief Product Officer of Tacton, is an experienced business transformation leader with an impressive track record. In his 20+ years of working with IT companies and the industrial sector, he has helped companies with portfolio management and product development. 

Michael Ohlsson, Senior Product Manager, Tacton 

Michael is a Senior Global Product Manager at Tacton CPQ, and his focus includes product planning, i.e, vision, strategy, roadmap and release planning, problem discovery and issue management, customer interaction and sales support.

Michael is a customer-focused leader, and his customer project management experience includes software delivery projects at international organizations. 

Bastian Fiejte, Director of Group Projects & Digitalization, Plus Pack  

Bastian Fietje is group director of projects and digitalization and member of the executive management team at Plus Pack. One of Europe’s most innovative food packaging companies. Bastian is responsible for leading the development and execution of Plus Pack’s digital strategy and IT operation. He is a trusted advisor and strategic business leader within b2b commerce and industry 4.0. Before joining Plus Pack, Bastian held various positions within management consulting.   

We’re very excited to host this event and hope to see you there!  

Author: Michael Brassea