Tacton CPQ and CAD Automation

Enable anyone to create accurate, autogenerated 2D/3D CAD drawings and data for every configuration with CPQ and CAD Automation.

CAD Automation done right, by anyone

Moving with speed and accuracy has never been more important. But for many high variance manufacturers, providing accurate CAD data with proposals has become a challenge. The increased customization from buyers requires more resources in every sales process, making cycles long and cost per quote increase. Engineering teams are constantly tied up with back and forth with sales, while dedicating too much time to administrative tasks. 

Your customers demand highly-customized products, creating a situation where CAD designs must be drawn quickly and accurately. This puts engineers under a lot of pressure to quickly deliver accurate renderings of each customized product.  Without a proper solution, designs are left up to guesswork and rework. Automate repetitive, inefficient operations that take up your engineers’ time with Design Automation.

Extending Tacton CPQ capabilities with CAD automation will streamline your sales process. Empower customers, partners, and sales reps to generate accurate 2D and 3D CAD files instantly for product variants – even during the early phases of the buying journey. 

Features and Benefits

Dynamically update 3D CAD models with every choice made in the configuration  

Empower customers and sales reps without CAD skills to generate accurate technical drawings  

Eliminate error-prone manual handovers across your teams 

Empower engineers to focus on innovation, new products and value creating tasks 

Manufacturers Trust Tacton

“Tacton will really help customers improve their bottom line”

“Before Tacton, tasks could take three days, now they take 10 to 15 minutes”

“Tacton CPQ is at the core of our digital journey going forward”

Our CAD Automation Partners

Tacton for SolidWorks can quickly create 3D CAD models and 2D drawings

Tacton for Autodesk Inventor will always produce models and drawings that are valid

Engineers will spend less time on repetitive tasks by integrating with PTC Creo

Technical Features

  • Auto-generate CAD documents with one-click after configuring a product
  • No additional software, license or knowledge required
  • Preview different results right in the CPQ-Frontend
  • Easily provide generated CAD documents in different formats (3D models and drawings), such as STEP, PDF, JPEG and Engineering BOM

  • Dedicated add-in to connect the Product Model with the corresponding CAD assembly directly within the CAD system
  • Add-in is available for SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor and PTC Creo
  • The mapping process is straight forward and does not require complex macros, tables or any coding (completely No-Code approach)
  • Simple and easy way to immediately test and verify the mappings individually or as a complete configuration
  • Mappings and CAD documents are stored and managed in the Cloud

Product Resources

CPQ and CAD Automation Product Sheet

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The Definitive Guide to CPQ and CAD

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Customer Success at Tacton

We’re with you every step of the way. Every customer project is different, and that’s why our expert team of Design Automation experts ensure you will have a solution built to your specific needs.

Whether your Design Automation project is stand alone or part of a CPQ implementation, our teams ensure your engineers have what they need, in the CAD software they are accustomed to using, to gain full value out of this new CAD Automation tool.

Transforming your business requires more than some new software tools. This is why we work closely with your team to identify key success measures including a successful implementation, user enablement, and adoption throughout your organization.

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