The Challenge

Prior to Tacton, Bürkert was using two sales configurators, one of which they’d built in-house. Application Consultant Marcel Goetzelmann says, “Looking to the future, we wanted a web-based tool that could be accessed from anywhere.

Data transfers were handled manually, making the process prone to errors and we were much too reliant on certain key individuals. If those people weren’t available, everything got held up. Sometimes it would only be for a few hours, but at times we’d have day, or even week-long delays if someone was sick or on vacation.”

The Solution

“It’s always a challenge when you’re trying to roll out a new system. But the minute people started using Tacton, they could see the benefits and how it made life so much easier,” says Marcel.

The conflict resolution capability in Tacton is also highly valued by the Bürkert team. “Because your starting point is always an already valid solution, you just have to tweak it to suit what the customer needs. These speeds up the sales process considerably. Our sales team are now able to quote in a matter of minutes, whereas before it took hours or even days,” says Application Consultant Daniel Horn.

About Bürkert

“Our new products are designed to be more flexible and customizable from the outset. This is the way things are moving and it’s absolutely what our customers want. Thanks to Tacton’s configuration technology, we’re able to respond to that”

Marcel Goetzelmann, Bürkert

Bürkert manufactures valves, sensors, and controllers that are vital aspects to our daily lives. Bürkert’s products are designed to be flexible and customized, placing high requirements on the configuration technology. Check out how they use Tacton CPQ in this interactive example.

The Results

  • 100% accurate quotes
  • Handle product updates with ease
  • Built in conflict-resolution
  • Used as a lead generation tool